Begin Your Journey To The Top – Best Air Pistol Tips

Air guns are usually referred to as guns for beginners. It is a very common notion that if one wants to learn to shoot, he should start with these devices. Whatever the debate be, whether air pistols are used for recreation, sports, field use or just training, they are and will always be the best way to enjoy shooting.

If one wants to reach to the top, here are a few tips that will help him achieve his goals.

Be organized

Whatever you are learning, you have to follow one golden rule that applies everywhere. Unless you are organized, you can never reach your target. It is a precision sport where one tiny error can amount to a huge loss. Shooting should be a reflex action for you, and that can be achieved only when you practice- thousands of times.

This can be accomplished by a training schedule where you train your body and your mind. Focus on each and everything, for instance, your aim, pulling the trigger, stance, how you stand and every other minor thing.

Keep a training diary

If you are really that much into learning shooting, start maintaining a journal. Record everything that happens at the training. Thus, you can look back and see what thing works and what doesn’t. A diary helps to bring back memories so that in case you forgot a trick, you will remember it when you go through the log.

Choosing the perfect pistol

This is possibly one of the significant things in mastering the art of shooting. Unless your tool is perfect, you won’t be able to maximize your efforts. Therefore, choose the best air pistol that has at least adjustable rear sights, grip size, angle, trigger pressure and trigger location.

Air Pistol Shooting

Boost the physical fitness

Physical fitness here does not end with the strength of your muscle arms. You have to be physically fit. The reason this is important is because you have to be able to raise your pistol and hold it firm and straight for 4-10 seconds and that too 80-90 times if you are a man, and 60-70 times if you are a woman. Such fitness is not hard to achieve but very crucial to keep.

Now coming to the actual shooting process here is all that you need to know.

Good pistol: Choose the best air pistol for hunting that has adjustable sights. For a starter, match pellets are not that necessary but try to use at least flat-nosed wadcutter ones. They are very accurate at specific velocities and cut cleaner holes.

Place: You need a space about 36 feet long and make sure there is no human traffic crossing or anything in between.

Holding the pistol: Grip it the same way every time. Keep it in your left hand, if you are a right-handed shooter, around the trigger guard. Then push the right hand very firmly in such a way that the skin between your thumb and index finger fits against the upper rear recess.

Standing position: There is no particular position, but you can try to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, about 45 degrees from the line of the target.

Breathing: Try for good breath control, because a good supply of oxygen improves muscle control and gives you clear vision.

Scoring: Start with 40 shot match and shoot four targets of 10 shots. After you get accustomed to it, increase it to a 60 shot.

All of these tips are given by specialists in this field and following these do guarantee success in the area of shooting.

How to make basic pillow cases

After sewing a pillow, a pillow case should be the next objects for your next project. Why? In case you’re new to sewing, making pillow cases is an incredible approach to begin taking in the expertise. Pillow cases are anything but difficult to make, and they can add only the right emphasize to your room. Figure out how to make basic pillow cases and enriching pad cases utilizing the rolling technique.

Make sure you have a best sewing machines, scissors, iron, threads… to make it. Now, let do it!


Step 1: Choose fabric.

Pillow cases are regularly produced using a fabric that feels good against the skin, as delicate cotton, glossy silk, wool or a pullover sew fabric. Select fabric that matches the shading plan in your room, particularly your bed covering and sheets. To make an arrangement of standard pad cases, you will require 2 yards (1.8 m) of fabric.

In case you’re going to think about the pillow cases, make sure to pick a washable fabric.

In case you’re making pillow cases that are more improving in reason, the fabric you pick doesn’t need to be delicate or very as effectively watchable. Pick any type of fabric you’d like to supplement the color plan in your room.


Step 2: Sliced the fabric to size.

To make a standard pillow case, utilize a scissor or a rotating cutter to remove a piece that is 45″ x 36″. In case you’re utilizing a designed fabric, fare thee well to cut it so that the example is straight.


Step 3: Fold the fabric into 2 equal parts.

Fold it length-wise with the completed sides, or “right” sides, of the fabric together. The unfinished sides, or “wrong” sides, ought to be confronting out.


Step 4: Stitch the long side and one short side.

Utilize a sewing machine or a threaded needle to make a straight join up the long side of the fabric. Turn the fabric and keep sewing one of the sort sides. When you’re done, turn the fabric right side out.

Utilize a thread that matches your fabric or a differentiating thread to include a little style.

In case you’re sewing by hand, take as much time as is needed and ensure your crease is totally straight. You can stick the fabric with straight sticks to manage your sewing if vital.


Step 5: Trim the open side.

Begin by collapsing the fabric back to make a 1/2-inch trim. Iron the fabric to make a wrinkle. Fold the fabric back once more, this time making a 3-inch trim. Iron the fabric again and utilize your sewing machine or a needle and thread to stitch around the base of the fix to keep it set up.


Step 6: Decorate the pillow case.

You can include strip, enlivening ribbon, or different embellishments to the completed pillowcase. Think about sewing as a bright differentiating strip over the hemline to shroud the line there.

Now you have you pillow case already. Is this perfect? Enjoy!

Things you should stay away from when using a hunting knife

1.Why should we use hunting knife in a careful way?

We all know that hunting knife is a dangerous tool. With the sharp edge of it, you could hurt yourself easily with any carelessness. Besides that, you should treat your hunting knife kindly not only because it could harm you, but also it could be harmed easily by you. The hunting knife has a special structure to resist with severe conditions. But if you do not maintain it, or use it in a wrong way after a long time, the longevity of your hunting knife will be reduced significantly. So if you have just bought a hunting knife, and do not know how to use it correctly, then you should read this article, because in here, we will tell you how to protect yourself as well as your hunting knife in using process.

2.Things you should stay away to protect yourself when using a hunting knife

   #Cut the animals in a stable surface

brbgl-bark-river-bravo-1-black-and-green-linen-micartaNever try to cut the animal when holding it on your hand, you may cut yourself easily. Instead, look for a flat and stable surface like a root of tree, or just simply put the animal on the ground and then cut it. This tip will reduce the percentage of cutting yourself significantly.



#Never try to catch your hunting knife

When you are using your hunting knife and suddenly drop it, please remember that never try to catch your hunting knife, instead let it fall down and you can pick it up later. It is much easier than trying to catch it, and hurt yourself because you catch it on the edge. Besides that, when you give the hunting knife to your friend, try to hand him, do not throw it and ask him to catch, even when your hunting knife have a cover. It is quite dangerous if the cover drop out by accident.

   #Try to wash your hunting knives one by one

When you wash your set of hunting knives, try to wash them one by one. It may not faster if you try to wash all of them at a same time. But instead, it will increase the percentage of cutting yourself dramatically when you use your hand and try to clean all the edges at the same time.

   #Do not hold your hunting knife when holding other objects

Like washing more than one hunting knife at the same time, try to hold hunting knife when holding other objects will make you feel distracted and cut yourself easily. So, only try to do it when you have too many things need to be carried, and your hunting knife has a reliable cover.

3.Things you should stay away to remain your hunting knife in a good condition

   #Do not store your hunting knife in wet condition

Hoodlum-wipe-blade-clean-bEven your hunting knife was made by stainless steel, but you should not store it in wet condition. Because the stainless cover of your hunting knife only have the function to reduce the speed of rusting. So, storing your hunting knife in wet condition will reduce the longevity of your knife dramatically. Instead, clean and wipe it dry after using to remain your hunting knife in a good condition.

  #Do not use dishwasher to clean your hunting knife

Instead, wash and clean your hunting knife by hand, because the edge of your hunting knife could be harmed easily by hitting with other objects inside the dishwasher. Besides that, hot water and cleaning solution are not good for the stainless cover of your hunting knife.

   #Store your hunting knife carefully

You should store your hunting knife in shelf or box properly after putting it in the cover. Do not mix it up with other tools to avoid the damage by hitting each other.

   #Sharpen your hunting knife correctly

maxresdefaultYou can use a whetstone or a sharpening machine to sharpen your hunting knife if you know how to use them. If not, you should pay for a sharpening service to do this task for you. Because sharpen a hunting knife in a wrong way could damage it significantly.




   Through this article, you have already known about the useful tips to protect yourself as well as your hunting knife during using process. It is hard to find a good hunting knife, which can make you feel satisfied. Besides that, the price of a good hunting knife is not cheap anymore. So, after using it to perform hard task during the hunting trip, you should follow each tips in this article to maintain your hunting knife in a good condition, thereby increase the longevity of your knife. And then, do not forget the safety tips in this article to keep safe for yourself when using a dangerous tool like hunting knife.

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Want To Take More Time In An Embroidery Machine – Here Is Your Tips

Though working with an embroidery machine is safer than most of other careers like extreme sports, driving, running machinery, or even activities like beekeeping, the level of risk is still significant. The machine still uses power, has a lot of sharp points and edges, and many moving parts that can cause injuries. On top of this, people who take a lot of time working on embroideries risk getting health complications. Therefore, are you planning to take a lot of time on your embroidery machine, here is what to do.

Note: If you are looking for a best embroidery machine, we can help you some tips and expert experiences.

  1. Keep fingers away from the needles

As you work on the machine, there is a significant risk of getting the fingers ripped by the needles. The best way to have your fingers safe is ensuring to keep them away from the running needles. Besides, you should also get and wear finger guards so that needles do not rip you incase the finger gets too close. Most of the injuries that are reported in embroidery are related to needle punctures.

  1. Eliminate all distractions when working on embroidery machines

Distractions when working on an embroidery machine can result in your hands running to the moving parts or needles and getting injured. Besides, distractions take your mind away from an embroidery work and risk damaging the project. Therefore, only work when you are not tired, and keep distractive music off.

  1.  Turn off every machine that is not in use

When an embroidery machine is on, its motor keeps running and generates a significant amount of heat. By turning it off, you reduce the risk of associated damage and keep associated power bills low. By switching off the machine, you also lower the risk of damage that can result from power surge and make it less attractive to children and pets.

  1. Hide power cables and embroidery machine lines

Because embroidery works are very involving, people get tired and risk stepping on cables and toppling the machine and other equipment. Consider fitting the machine at the furthest corner of the room so that you do not require extra cables. You can also secure the cords and mark them well for easier identification when walking around the embroidery room.

  1. Inspect all cables regularly and replace the damaged ones

Continued use of an embroidery machine results to continued wear and tearing of cables and wires. The problem can be more intensive if your pet loves chewing and playing with cords. Therefore, you must make it a routine to inspect the machine properly, identify ripped off cables, and replace them immediately.

  1. Repair damaged parts of your embroidery machine

While embroidery machines are designed to last for a long time without getting damaged, it is important to inspect their operations and parts regularly. If there are damaged parts, replace them with genuine parts from good dealers.

  1. Use the right working position

Taking longer hours behind the machine can cause back, neck, and leg pain. Therefore, make sure to install the right embroidery chair and table so that your back remains straight and operate without stress. The hand should bend at 90 degrees at the elbow while both legs should be firmly planted on the ground.

  1. Make sure the room is well it

No one wants to start getting eyesight issues after working for many hours on an embroidery machine. Therefore, look for ideal lighting to illuminate the entire working area without shadows.


As you work continuously on the embroidery machine, ensure that your machine and project are safe. Make it your hobby to work on the right machine, adopt the right working etiquette, and make sure not to run the machine on metallic pins. These tips will make your work easier, more enthralling and valuable.


Choosing Right The Best Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is an appliance used in the kitchen for drying food through a process referred to as food dehydration, it can also be the process in which water is removed from the food in order to preserve it for a longer time or even for future use. Dehydration is a very simple process with many benefits if the right appliance is in place. An example of food that need dehydration include meat, vegetables and fresh fruits among others. All these foods contain a large amount of water content which is the main reason as to why they tend to spoil in a short period of time. Water is vital for life, but the water in the meat, vegetables and fresh fruits mostly contains fungi and bacteria.

When such food is stored it gets moist and it spoils in a short life span and they can be of health risk if consumed. So the water content in the foods should be removed although not entirely a certain ratio should be retained. A food dehydrator has components that enable it to reduce the water content in the foods, they extract water from the food to ensure they have a longer lifespan. It has a heating element which raises the food temperature so that the moisture in the food can be evaporated. The fan releases the air that pushes the moisture out via the air vents. The process occurs in a cycle until the amount of water in the food is reduced to a level that is safe for storage.


The good food dehydrator should help the consumer preserve food that could easily go bad. It also gives the consumer ability to control the quality of food they eat, the best food dehydrator helps in reducing food spoilage. If a consumer buys a good dehydrator it saves them space as to compared to freezing and canning which takes up a lot of space. It also helps a consumer in saving cost since the dehydration is done at the comfort of their homes as to buying dried foods from a local store. A good food dehydrator enhances the nutritional value of the foods. Generally, the nutritional value of dried foods is higher than that of cooked food.

Nesco FD-1040 garden-master digital pro food dehydrator 1000 watt is an excellent dehydrator if a consumer has a big family. With the 1000 watts it contains, it can sustain a lot of foods. This dehydrator model has an improved timer which is digital which can be programmed up-to 48-hours.It has a thermostat which ensures that the heat is under control making the dehydration process an easy task, with all these features in place the dehydrator can be a good choice for best dehydrator.

Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray deluxe dehydrator. The dehydrator has 9 trays and 15 square feet of drying space, with its unique design there are bound to be no food movements while the process is ongoing which ensures that the food is safe, the dehydrators faster and easier to use. With its excellent temperature control it can be used for drying flowers, fruits, vegetables and arts too.

best-food-dehydrator-300x219The consumer can no longer be concerned about food wastage with the best food dehydrator in place. Excalibur 2900ECB 9 tray economy dehydrator offers one such benefit to the consumer. The dehydrator has 9 trays and 15 square feet of the drying space. The heating element and the fan are on the back side of the dehydrator. You ought to have a spacious storage place since it is big in size one has to be extra careful with the trays following their slim nature they can easily break with ease.

As we also consider the good food dehydrator in 2015 we must consider one that is pocket friendly to the consumer and the same time one that gives excellent end product. Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator is suitable for drying fruits, herbs and vegetables. It dries the food within the shortest time without any noise. It is an excellent choice since it is healthier, easier and faster to use. The dehydrator can be used by sportsmen and consumers with large families.

While considering the best food dehydrator 2015 it is of importance to have the following in mind before making a purchase. Ensure the dehydrator has a fun, materials used in making the trays. A stainless steel tray will last for long than the plastic ones. Power voltage. A dehydrator with a higher power wattage does the drying faster. It should also have an adjustable thermostat for proper temperature control, capacity to hold many trays and lastly the ins-built timers for switching off the dehydrator whenever the process is finished, There are also some best food dehydrator in 2015 for smaller families. Excalibur 3526TB 5 tray dehydrator with timer is a good option for consumers with small families. The dehydrator has a unique feature of a poly-screen tray which prevents the food from sticking on the trays.

There are many choices available for good food dehydrator one should make an informed purchasing decision based on their budget and quality of the appliance.

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How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis Naturally

There are several ways on how to cure plantar fasciitis naturally. However, not all of them can be applicable to everyone with the condition because of several reasons. S them require one to spend lots of money in order to access them. However, the expensive methods can only apply to those who can afford them. If you may not be able to afford the cost of medication. 1 are some of the guidelines on how to cure plantar fasciitis naturally that you can rely on.


  • Proper Footwear: One of the best solutions on how To cure Plantar Fasciitis naturally is by finding proper footwear. Proper footwear does not include high-keels but shoes that are able to offer good arch support. Shoes 1 Crocs and the likes can be very good in offering you better relief since they gives adequate room for your toes. Besides, it is also important that you look for shoes that have got in-built support for your and straps to keep the shoes into place. The shoes should also be comfortable so that you feet is able to get the perfect rest whenever you are walking.
  • Find Foot Archband Supports: Commonly known to most people as FABS. these are also able to offer solutions on how to cure Plantar Fasciitis naturally. FABS refer to small arch support pads that are light in weight. They are placed on a thin band and used in offering a wrap around the foot. What even makes them ideal is that they are manufactured in a size that fits all. This means that you can use them just the way you obtain them from the market without having to customize them. Besides, they are made in small sizes that can be worn with a variety of shoes and even sandals. For additional pain relief, you can also go for some that are made with magnet embedding in every arch support.
  • Engaging in Stretching Exercises: Whenever you take part in stretching exercises, you are able to loosen the Achilles tendons and even the calf muscles hence reducing the pain being caused by Plantar Fasciitis. In order for you to ensure effective pain relief, it is advisable that you engage in the exercises daily. One of the best ways through which you are able to exercise for pain relief is holding the flexed feet while sitting on the bed gently. Pull the held legs gently towards you until you feel some relief for about 30 seconds. However, you can also carry out the exercise on the stairs or the floor. However, do not overdo the exercises since that may lead to other complications. Just do it moderately for the best results.
  • Foot Massage: Massage is also another way through which you are able to get relief from this condition. You can either use manual foot massage or an electric massage for an ideal solution on how to cure plantar fasciitis naturally. When you follow these tips keenly, this condition will be a thing of the past to you.

If you want to get more information about how to cure plantar fasciitis naturally using the the best treatment around the world, click here.

Tips for purchasing the Ideal Band Saw

A band saw is said to be a very versatile since it was invented; therefore it has become an essential tool of every woodworker. However, if you notice from band saw reviews article, today there are thousands of manufacturers releasing variety types with different features and function band saw that make difficult for customers to buy an ideal band saw. Fortunately, some tips below may help you more insight to choose an ideal band to buy great bandsaws

Types of band saws

There are two types of band saws; the first one seems like the cabinet model and the second as the smaller mountable units. The former needs to stand on the floor while working instead of standing on atop a surface.  For people who require highly in work and heavy duty band saws, this variant is very suitable. If it is for home based woodworkers or those who has it like a hobby, the second variant is an ideal choice for them and their usage.  Apparently, it has a wider variety of features and boasts lager motors in a cabinet variant. Their frames are sturdier that makes a connecting during cutting. However, it does not mean that smaller mountable machines cannot provide professional quality.


The main features should be considered while narrow down the available options are throat and depth of cut. Distance from the vertical frame zone of a body of a band saw to its blade is referred via the throat.

This distance shows the width of any cut for which the saw will be used. It is more than 12 to 14 inches of the throat in a cabinet variant which seems typically the standard throat in smaller mountable variants.

Via depth of cut, we know the distance from the table to the upper blade guide that is extremely important. Almost all of buyers consider only this feature and willing to make a purchase. When the distance is much more, they can cut thicker stock, thus, many professionals are interested in this variant.

Thicker stock can be cut when the distance is more hence; this variant is preferred by professionals.


The form of a band saw’s motor is a significant consideration as well. A majority of smaller models can boat between a 3/4hp to 1hp motor. On the other hand, the larger can boat other speeds. Besides, to cut hard plastics and metals, speed and power also help much.

Wheel weight matters

It is typically cast aluminum or cast iron of internal wheels, although the iron is considerable heavier than the cast aluminum. The heavier can bring much more inertia (tendency to stay in motion) providing a consistent cutting experience because of the additional and steady speed.

The price

It can be seen that the cheapest model is not the necessary discuss, you should compare prices and look for a model having a decent prize based on its quality. You must not want to pay for an inconvenient item or not be happy if you spend money on a cheap model but it less use to you.

For the full buying guide, click here.

How to take care of your mattress

Normally, a good mattress might carry a decade warranty. If you care for your mattress properly, it can last longer, in contrast, if you don’t take care of it, its lifetime might be cut in half. Here are some tips you should follow for longer and better use.

How To Take Care Of Your Mattress

Rotate your mattress

Unlike the old mattress, today, most mattresses can’t be turned over, however, you might still rotate them from top to toe, which allow the surface to wear evenly. In contrary, it only forms you a shaped impression on your normal spot. When the mattress is new, it’s necessary when you rotate your mattress once a month for the first 3 months. Then, to keep your mattress wear evenly, you should rotate your mattress often, about 3 to 4 times per year. When the mattress gets old and needs to be replaced, you might stop rotating it. Remember, you rotate the mattress to keep it stay durable not to fix an uncomfortable mattress.

Keep the mattress covered with a protector

You will need a mattress protector to keep your mattress dry from oils, other bodily fluids, food or drink, perspiration as well as regular humidity. These things might infiltrate the foams of your mattress and break them down which lead to premature sagging. It’s very important to have a mattress protector, even a cheap one will do the job, however, with the expensive one, you will be protected better.

Keep the mattress supported properly

Never put a new mattress on an old boxspring. Besides, it might void the mattress warranty since the box spring isn’t a structural one as it was before. In addition, it might be the wrong kind since most mattresses today need rigid foundations while the old box spring has actual springs

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There are many ways to support your mattress, a platform bed for example. Moreover, a new box spring and a frame might be a great choice as long as it has a center support bar with one leg from the bar to the ground. That bar will protect you from voiding warranty. Since all mattresses, these days tend to be heavier than before, so you will need to replace the old one for better support.

Be careful when moving the mattress

While some mattresses are designed to be bent, other mattresses are not. A lot of the cheaper coil mattress, they are not meant to be bent. If you have this mattress, only cram into your SUV if it doesn’t need to bend. Since bending might damage the coils, especially the “helical wire” which ties the coils together. If you are going to transport it yourself, you should cover it up carefully. Buying some mattress bags and box spring is a good way to protect your mattress from getting wet and dirty.

Lastly, use common sense

There are several ways that you might do it yourself to protect your mattress. Try not to jump on the bed, don’t smoke in bed, use the mattress for sleeping purposes only. Further, try to treat your mattress like a precious item you’ve ever had. By that way, you mattress might carry a lifetime warranty.

10 Clever Ways to Hide Your Gifts until Christmas

Once you’ve decided on a present and have gone on to buy it, the next big challenge is keeping the gift a secret from your family until Christmas day. Some gifts are too large to be hidden under beds or in closets and sock drawers and if you have a wife or husband, finding a hiding spot in your home can be a challenge especially if they are impatient and inquisitive enough to turn the house inside out.

We have put together a dozen tips to keep your Christmas gifts a secret from your loved ones.


  1. Hide big Christmas gifts in the shed

If you have a shed that you can lock then it would be perfect for large gifts. The only thing you will need to make sure of is that you are the only one with access to keys. You will need to consider weather conditions and how they will affect the stored item though.

  1. Nosy kids won’t get to the cleaning supply closet

Use the cleaning supply closet to your advantage. Children seldom expect to find anything but cleaning products, buckets and mops in the cleaning shed. It is also one area that is prone to clutter so you won’t find your little ones trying to navigate through all that clutter to get something they don’t even know it’s there.

  1. Hide them somewhere in the kitchen

Like Cleaning supply closets, some areas in the house are a hassle to go through especially the kitchen. If you are the only person who ever uses pots in the house to cook then, choose a pot that you seldom use. Other novel spaces in the kitchen include unused food processors, microwave oven etc. Better yet, if it’s small enough put it in cereal, pasta or rice box.

  1. Use a good old shoe box or a storage box to tuck Gifts

Shoeboxes make a great hiding place. As simple as that! Put your Christmas presents in empty shoeboxes to avoid suspicion.

Storage boxes are great for hiding things just be sure of how the box is labeled and how easily it can be tracked.

Not impressed? Umm, how about a Sock Drawer?

Choose the least favorite part in your closet like the underwear drawer or your sock drawer. Socks make great hiding places for small gifts.

  1. Stow gifts in creepy places

Most people, especially children are afraid of dark creepy places like basements, attics and crawl spaces so they are most likely to search everywhere but there.

  1. Hide your Christmas presents in a suitcase

Suitcases are useful to store clothing when we travel or just to store stuff we want out of the way. The great thing about most modern suitcases is that they can be locked.

  1. Keep them safe at a friend’s or neighbor’s house

Ask neighbors and friends to keep your Christmas gifts until the day arrives. If you make online purchases to avoid questions, explanations and having to lie, have them shipped to a friend or neighbor’s house. Consider shelling out few more bucks to gift-wrap the item and keep it a secret until Xmas.

  1. Got state of the art home security? Keep an eye on the prying eyes

Use home security Cameras to catch inpatient peepers. Some home systems can be linked to phones allowing you to keep an eye on your home when you are not at home. Add a sensor to your closet door if you are really that serious about hiding your gifts. Then find a way to get the sensor to alert you if there is a breach.

  1. Buy stuff with a prepaid card

Online shopping is great. It is convenient, fast and easy but it generally leaves a money trail your dad can investigate. If you have figured what to buy dad for Christmas, use a prepaid card to complete your purchase. Dad will have a tough time tracing it.

  1. Use social media to keep last minute gift ideas a secret

Stop making a list on a piece of paper. Inquisitive kids can spot the written list. Use social media platforms for making a list of gift ideas. Hey, don’t forget to set your security settings to keep curious eyes away.

The difference between Nano technology and Reverse Osmosis System

  • Nano technology

Nano technology is a breakthrough in terms of engineering in the 21st century. Nano is a unit of measure = 1 / billionth of a meter. Nano technology helps people to bring materials to the nano size. Various applications of the material will become simpler and more effective in nano size. For examples, ink particles on the nano color printer make the process much more stable for printing, ink saving and avoiding dirt and clogging situation. Or nanonizing silver to be an antibacteria material gives us suprisingly amazing result. As we know, silver is used to make jewelry, food container (for perishable foods). Making silver into nanoscale helps saving much more because of more silver particles and larger contact area, and it especially effective for disintection.

  • Nano filter

Technically, producing nanoscale filters is a big step forward in terms of technology. Gaps of filter are only 1/billion of a meter, filtering result will be excellent. Not a bacterium or a virus can penetrate through the filter. However, a simple question is with 1/billion size of a gap, how long would it take the filter to be clogged?

People use nanoscale materials in order to increase the absorption of minerals or for disinfection.

At this size, because the number of filter particles (in molecules size) will be more than many, many times the normal particle size of filter … Thus, result of minerals adsorbing or disinfection will be efficiency. Above is some basic information about nano and nano technology to differentiate clearly in terms of technology.

  • Reverse Osmosis System filter

The difference between Nano technology and Reverse Osmosis System

Regarding size, Reverse Osmosis filter in RO System water purifier is considered as another type of nanoscale filter. The difference is water flowing on surface of the filter. Pure water which has smaller size will absorb to the other side and the rest which contains bacteria and virus, minerals whith bigger size will be kept and gotten rid. The clogged situation will never happen. This is the limited overcoming for nano filter.

  • The difference of two filters

Filtering is a process of removing particulate matter from water by forcing the water to pass through a filter of water filtration. Filter materials can be solid materials in nature such as sand, gravel, clay or from different materials. Sometimes, large sediment particles will be deposited before the last filtration process. The size of the sediment particles are removed during the refining process depends on the pore size of the filter material. RO technology is an emerging technology because it is designed to suit the specific requirements for the product. Until now, Reverse Osmosis System technology has almost met all the requirements of applications which are removing mosquitos, oil… RO filter is still the best for filtration, next is nano filter, ultra filter and the last is membranes filter. For different applications, sometimes it is often used in combination with other types of filters to increase the purity of output water. The following chart summarizes the sediment removal efficiency for various types of filters.

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